Project Type:

May - Sept 2020

Participant Group:
Children 8 - 10 years, online at home

Vanya Lambrecht Ward, Anna Spearman, Martha van der Muelen

The Community Foundation of Ireland

Reinventions: Library of Ideas

Welcome to our Reinventions project!

Are you interested in making new toys from old things? Below are 3 great guides to reinventing new things out of old materials that would otherwise end up in the bin.

How to get started:

  1. Look at our 3 guides below and choose whichever Reinvention excites you most.
  2. Have a look in the Library of Ideas for more inspiration if needed.
  3. Start creating: make your own Reinvention using materials you find around the house and outside.
  4. Share your Reinvention: email photos of your Reinvention to us at [email protected] and we will add them to the Library of Ideas.
Quick links to guides, reinventors and more

How to make cardboard things move

How to build, bind and weave an arch

Two paper people with fern bush - reinventions project from Kids Own

How to make standing figures

Library of Ideas

Kids Own Reinventors working on sculptures

Meet our team of Reinventors

Meet our team of artists

Read more about project

‘Reinventions’ is a Kids’ Own project supported by the Community Foundation of Ireland, which seeks to cultivate an ethos of sustainability and creative reuse.

In our product-saturated, commercial world, Kids’ Own is passionate about supporting children to develop awareness of and appreciation for sustainable approaches and global issues. Small steps at a local/community level can make a difference!

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