Vanya Lambrecht Ward

Vanya Lambrecht Ward is a visual artist and designer based in the Northwest of Ireland. She currently lectures at IT Sligo on the Performing Arts Course and has worked with the Dock Arts Center on many different Projects over the last 5 years and with Kids’ Own Publishing Partnership since 2008. She also works with the Arts Council as a creative Associate, with the Irish Architectural Foundation as an Architect in School and Sligo’s Cairde Arts Festival as the facilitator for their Young Curators Program.


Vanya works with a variety of mediums through sculptural installation, paper construction, site specific work and photography. Her practice combines art, architecture and many other strands in order to investigate and explore how we experience, perceive and create our built and natural environments. This can take the form of an event, a book, a small or sizeable 3 dimensional piece, but always with immense curiosity and exploration at its core.

Vanya’s upcoming exhibition at the Linenhall Arts Centre, Castlebar Fold/Unfold, explores the art of paper folding and runs from 18th October 2019 to Saturday 23rd November. As part of this exhibition, Vanya is facilitating a Paper Folding Day on Saturday the 2nd of November, with separate workshops for adults and children. Click here for more details.