Vanya Lambrecht Ward

Vanya Lambrecht Ward has worked in the arts over the last two decades. From Theatre and television to Arts and Architecture. In her capacity as an artist she has worked with Kids; Own Publishing Partnership for the last 10 years working on various book projects, residencies and design elements. Over the last year she has coordinating the education program for the Dock and where she currently is the lead artist Creative Youth Exchange Project. She holds a Degree in Fine Art and Architecture from IT Sligo and a Masters in contemporary art from NCAD. As part of the Irish Architecture Foundation she is part of the National Architects in Schools Initiative also recently took up the role of Assistant Lecturer at IT Sligo in Set Design and Modeling on the Performing Arts Course.


Her studio projects, work and exhibitions mainly centre around our build environment and our interaction and perceptions of our surroundings. she recently undertook a year long Residency with Leitrim County Council, investigating workplace and its systems.

It is the intersection between Art and Architecture where she likes to dwell and where we can be creative, collaborative, engaging and innovative. This space between allows for exploration, creative endeavor and critical thinking about the spaces we inhabit, the places  we use and interact with them.