What We Do

Kids’ Own is Ireland’s only dedicated publisher of books by children. Through a range of local, national and international projects, we connect children with professional artists and publish the work that they create.

Here’s what we did in 2022: Kids’ Own Activity Report 2022.pdf

Our Vision and Mission

Our vision is for a society that recognises children as independent writers, thinkers and creators and that truly values the arts in the lives of all children.

Our mission is to develop, publish and promote artwork and writing created by children for children and their communities, through meaningful engagement with professional artists.

How do you make art? It comes from your heart, down your arm, into the paintbrush or pen and onto the page.

“I Hope You Grow” project participants

100 Effort Drawing 2014 | Virtually There Project | Kids' Own Publishing Partnership
Who We Are
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“The approach that Kids’ Own adopt has always impressed me, but when I saw the book, I spent the week dipping in an out of it. It’s sitting on my desk, and it’s going to stay there.”

Colm O’Gorman
Executive Director
Amnesty International Ireland

“I loved how Mary and Vanya suggested for a Syrian student to write in Arabic as it was easier for her and we were all very touched when she translated her story for us at the end of the workshop. I think it has inspired some future authors in the making.”

Class Teacher
St Angela’s National School

“I personally really enjoyed doing the writing club. It gave me a chance to work on my writing with a group of people who actually understand and I can relate to. I felt comfortable sharing my writing with the group because I knew they would never judge me.”

Young Writers project participant

“Kids’ Own invest copious amounts of time and energy in trying to understand what it really is that any individual artist needs to be within their practice. This understanding is then translated directly into a support structure to meet these needs.”

Ann Henderson
Virtually There project artist

“It was a wonderful job and all the children were talking and their dreams were innocent and the love was clear among them. Thanks to the team. Well done.”

Parent of project participant
County Mayo

“Sharon made me better at drawing. She made me get out from my comfort zone by challenging me. I’m going to miss her.”

Pupil in Virtually There project
St. Patrick’s PS