Published 11.06.2020
by Kids’ Own

Reinventions: Making cardboard things move

Here’s our guide to making cardboard things move by artist Vanya Lambrecht-Ward. Learn how to:

  • Make card objects move up using card cylinders and string.
  • Make moving joints with cardboard, creating scissor actions with their moving parts.
  • Develop objects that extended out to reach things, or toys with moving joints.

The aim of the guide is to give you a starting point for thinking about different ways to make things move in a way that allows you to explore and develop this in more detail in your own way and with other materials.


Download a copy of the guide to print out and follow.

Below are some photos from the online workshop where our reinventors first got to make cardboard move!

Kids Own Reinventors working on sculptures
Girl holding ladybird using card hinges - Kids Own Reinvention project
Boy holding scissor grabber with card hinges - Kids Own Reinvention project
Muscle man that moves using card hinges - Kids Own Reinvention project
Paper plane that moves on string - Kids Own Reinvention project

‘Reinventions’ is a Kids’ Own project supported by the Community Foundation of Ireland, which seeks to cultivate an ethos of sustainability and creative reuse.

In our product-saturated, commercial world, Kids’ Own is passionate about supporting children to develop awareness of and appreciation for sustainable approaches and global issues. Small steps at a local/community level can make a difference!

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