Project Type:
Exhibition Tour

Autumn 2019–Autumn 2020

Participant Group:
Members of the public

Curated by Alice Lyons, Vanya Lambrecht Ward


The Arts Council of Ireland

Visual Thinking Team

The Visual Thinking Team will be a cohort of young people aged 10–13, who will work together with Kids’ Own associate artist Vanya Lambrecht Ward to develop responses to our 23–year archive and help Kids’ Own to map out ideas for a large-scale exhibition that will showcase our archive for young audiences.

This project builds on work that Kids’ Own undertook in 2017/18 to consolidate and digitally organize and present our archive so that it could be made more accessible to a wider audience of children, online and offline.

Kids' Own Visual Thinking Team Call Out for Participants!
from STARTING SCHOOL book project
Kids' Own Visual Thinking Team: Call Out for Participants
print on paper, from CHARLIE BARLEY AND ALL HIS FRIENDS book project
paint on paper from SMILE book project
The Red Cup image

The next step in this process is to engage young people actively and creatively with the archive which includes handprinted books, evocative poetry, colourful illustrations and more. We have a wide range of titles spanning many themes from mental health to children’s rights, from the environment to migrant rights. From this, they will develop a child-focused, child-developed design and mediation plan for our exhibition. This is a unique opportunity for young people to have a meaningful engagement with the Kids’ Own archive and for their responses and ideas to shape and influence how we present this work to a wider national audience.

In preparation for this tour – and with support from Sligo LEADER partnership – Kids’ Own has already compiled a digital archive, created by archivist/curator Louisa Sloan. The archive provides a critical resource for the Kids’ Own team to draw on – supporting our organisational knowledge and enabling us to recognise and promote the value of the canon of work that has been developed by children since 1997.

Work from our archive is currently available to view in Look at this!

The Visual Thinking Team will begin working together online in June and July 2020. Watch this space for updates on their work.

Children’s Exhibition Tour Proposal


Following on from the work of our Visual Thinking Team, click here for our tour proposal!