Project Type:
Environment, Climate, Community

Starting 8th November 2023

Participating Group:
Intergenerational Group from the General Public

Vanya Lambrecht-Ward, Sarah Lundy, Karen Webster, Ruth Le Gear, Naomi Draper, Brenda Kearney

Cranmore Co-Op

Creative Climate Action/Creative Ireland

Four Seasons in Our Garden: A Yearbook

Celebrating biodiversity, addressing climate change, and fostering intergenerational connections in Sligo town.

This groundbreaking project, a collaboration between Kids’ Own Publishing Partnership, Cranmore Co-Operative Society, and a panel of environmental scientists and experts, serves as a bridge between the arts, community sector, and sciences. It is a dynamic, intergenerational initiative, bringing teenagers and older generations together to explore and find solutions to pressing climate and biodiversity issues.

Working together with associate artists; Sarah Lundy. Karen Webster. Ruth Le Gear. Naomi Draper. Brenda Kearney with advice and support from Vanya Lambrecht-Ward.  Scientists and those with expertise in biodiversity or horticultural are: Ruth Quinn,  Fiona Britton,  Aga Piwowarczyk,  Martina Kilian.

Update 26th Feb

On the evening of January 31st, we hosted our first seasonal gathering at Cranmore Community Gardens, bringing together friends, families, and community members. It was more than just a get-together; it marked the beginning of our artistic exploration and community development journey.

The evening was simple yet meaningful, aiming to connect, share, and inspire. We showcased the work of our associate artists, including Ruth Le Gear’s wormery demonstration and Sarah Lundy’s exploration of flora and fauna. Guests also contributed to our observation chart, reflecting our collective effort to engage with nature. We enjoyed seasonal dishes from Edergole Kitchen, emphasizing our commitment to local sustainability. As we wrapped up the evening, we were filled with excitement for the future of our project and the connections we’ve made.

soil samples from kids own first seasonal showcase

The project leverages the power of art to make science accessible and engaging. It encourages exploration and understanding through the lens of creative expression, local context, and global climate action. By blending STEM concepts with artistic processes, it ensures that often overlooked demographics, particularly disadvantaged youth and older community members, can actively participate and contribute.

The project will host seasonal exhibitions and pop-up events at Cranmore Co-Op Community Gardens to showcase the explorations and solutions created by the intergenerational group. Also producing a Garden Yearbook Publication: A sustainable yearbook publication will compile the work and learning from all four seasons, featuring both digital and limited-edition print formats. This publication will provide insights into the project, reach a broader audience, and serve as a model for other community groups.

The project aligns emphasis will be:

  1. Biodiversity Focus: It emphasises the importance of soil quality, water conservation, and sustainability, connecting participants with these critical issues through creative and scientific processes.
  2. Rethinking Lifestyles: By promoting communal food-growing and documenting climate action conversations, the project encourages a high level of community investment, essential for addressing climate change.
  3. Just Transition: The project raises environmental awareness within the community, contributing to community resilience and combating the stigma associated with marginalised, deprived areas.

Expected Impacts

– Fostering a sense of hope and positive action among all community members.

– Providing a lasting foundation for Kids’ Own and Cranmore Co-Op’s ongoing work in sustainability and community engagement.

– Building a scalable and adaptable model for similar projects in diverse settings nationwide.

– Promoting intergenerational understanding and collaboration, vital for addressing climate and biodiversity crises.

This innovative project brings together science, art, and community, making a meaningful impact on climate action while leaving no one behind. It reinforces the importance of connecting to the natural world, rethinking lifestyles, and ensuring a fair and just transition, all while celebrating the richness of our environment and community.