Virtually There – Artists in school virtual residency programme

Virtually There – Artists in school virtual residency programme

This limited edition book provides a unique insight into the Virtually There project, an innovative model of arts in education that connects artists in the studio with children in the classroom through virtual technologies across Ireland and Northern Ireland.



How can technology support meaningful and long-term arts experiences between artsits, children and teachers in schools?

The Virtually There project has been challenging convetional models of arts practice since 2007, by engaging artists in their studio with children and teachers in the classroom, through the use of video-conferencing technology.

This publication gives a flavour of the investigations that the artists, children and teachers have embarked on together in Virtually There project and is an invaluable resource for artists and educators.

“Future Selves/ Dream Jars” Photograph (2016)
Teacher Chris McCambridge & artist John D'Arcy | Virtually There Project | Kids' Own
Image of Maggie’s potato
On Air image
red dance image
rug dance image
Image of Sharon
Image of Strandtown charcoal drawing

‘It seems so normal to work with Ann whilst she is sitting in her studio in Rathlin and we are in our classroom in Banbridge, but it is actually something incredibly special.’

– Judith White, teacher

‘Virtually There is discovering compelling new ways to engage this generation of young people in the arts; an engagement that has every chance of continuing to grow into a lifelong enthusiasm.’

– Roisin McDonagh, Chief Executive, Arts Council of Northern Ireland

Additional Info

‘Virtually There’ is published by Kids’ Own Publishing Partnership with funding from The Arts Council of Northern Ireland.

A Kids’ Own Publication
1st Edition (2014)
Paperback: 108 pages
Language: English

ISBN: 978-190243293-9
Weight: 0.735 kg

100% of proceeds support children’s participation in the arts.

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