Mystery Book Package- Early Years

Mystery Book Package- Early Years

Looking for a gift for your teacher this Christmas?

Over the years we have collaborated with artists and children from various backgrounds to create a wide range of books on many subjects. We have lots of books made by young children for young children, including alphabet books, books of rhymes, a book about kindness, as well as books the teacher can read to the class. This Mystery Book Package is for children aged 2-6.

Our Kids’ Own mystery book packages contain 3 books for €20.

Exclusively available for a limited time only on our online bookshop.

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The perfect gift for the inspirational teacher in your life: books by children for children! Help us get children and young people’s voices heard more widely by sharing these books with a teacher who makes a difference.

Kids’ Own is Ireland’s only dedicated publisher of books by children. Through a range of local, national and international projects, we connect children with professional artists and publish the work that they create.

We have lots of books made by children for children on topics ranging from the experiences of refugee and migrant children, Traveller culture, and more broadly on the joys of learning and expressing yourself through the arts.

Each Kids’ Own Mystery book package contains 3 books selected by our team. For enquires, please contact [email protected]

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