Charlie Barley and All His Friends – Collection of traditional rhymes and jokes with Artwork

Charlie Barley and All His Friends – Collection of traditional rhymes and jokes with Artwork

Recommended age: 5-8

A Collection of Traditional Rhymes and Jokes with Artwork by Irish Traveller Children from County Sligo.





Charley Barley and All His Friends is back for a second edition after nearly twenty years! Written and illustrated by children in Sligo from St Edward’s National School, Our Lady of Mercy Primary School and St Enda’s National School, this book is a collection of nursery rhymes, jokes and tall tales. The artwork was created using a variety of techniques, including pastels, charcoal drawings and card printing, to accompany the text. This book can be used in the classroom to explore rhymes from our own culture and others around the world, as well as fun reading material.

Traveller children along with their parents and grandparents created this book in a series of creative workshops, with artists Orla Kenny, Dermot Seymour and Diarmuid Delargy.


‘Publications such as this should be in every classroom, acting as a valuable source of delight and inspiration to teacher and child alike.’

– Robert Dunbar, Inis magazine

Additional info

‘Charlie Barley and all his friends’ is published by Kids’ Own Publishing Partnership with support from Sligo County Council, The Arts Council and Model Arts & Niland Gallery.

A Kids’ Own Publication
1st Edition (2001)

2nd Edition (2022)

Paperback: 16 pages, full colour
Language: English
Product Dimensions: 24 x 24 x 0.2 cm

ISBN-10: 1902432142
ISBN-13: 978-1902432144

100% of proceeds support children’s participation in the arts.

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