Published 15.10.2020
by Kids’ Own

Our childrens’ book panel reviews are in!

We recently set up a book reviewer panel of children and are delighted to share our first reviews from Juliana, Róisín, Micheal and Éabha – with more to come! Excerpts from the reviews have been added to the books in our bookshop, letting people know what children really think of the books!

To read some of the reviews, see Bouncing Away, Only a giant can lift a bull and Wiggly Woo agus a chairde.

Would you like to become a book reviewer for Kids’ Own? Reviews can be written, filmed or something else – get creative! Each published reviewer will receive a free Kids’ Own book as a thank you.

We love to hear what you think of our books! This helps us to reach out to new audiences, raise awareness about the value of publishing children’s voices, and get funding to make more books with children. Send your review to [email protected]

Handwritten review of Kids Own book