Published 26.08.2020
by Kids’ Own

Visual Thinking Team progress!

Over 6 weeks this summer, 9 children from all over Ireland participated in a special online project – our Visual Thinking Team initiative. The Visual Thinking Team project is the beginning of our development of a Kids’ Own exhibition, which will be launched in 2021. The children’s work from this project will be a central part of shaping this exhibition of artwork and writing by children for children.  

Each week our Visual Thinking Team met Kids’ Own Associate Artist Vanya Lambrecht Ward to explore and respond to Kids’ Own books, material from the Kids’ Own archive, and to create their own artwork and writing too. The team had some brilliant discussions about the books that other children have created through Kids’ Own projects throughout the years. Their insightful and creative responses allowed us to look at the books in new and exciting ways, and we can’t wait to share their work with wider audiences. The team then thought about how we could develop an exhibition that respects children as artists and writers, with important ideas and experiences to communicate to other children and to the world.  


Collage with robot playing with ball by VTT participant - kids Own Publishing art project
Mural with red, green and yellow colours
Monoprint of pear by VTT participant - kids own art project
Mural with red, green and pink colours
Collage of woman with fishy shelves behind her by Kids Own art project participant

As well as discussing and responding to other children’s work, our Visual Thinking Team also made their own amazing creative work. They made hand-printed artworks, collages, and wrote poetry! You can see just some of the artworks created in the image gallery below.  

We will have further updates from this project soon so stay tuned!