Published 04.11.2020
by Kids’ Own

UN Eradication of Poverty project

To mark the UN Day for the Eradication of Poverty 2020, Kids’ Own developed a new creative online project to connect young people on this really important issue in our society. The creative sessions were facilitated by artist Vanya Lambrecht Ward and writer Mary Branley, who worked alongside the group of young people from Foróige CRIB project and Sligo Comhairle na nÓg. Though the creative sessions were facilitated online, the creative work went back to the basics of communication. Each participant received a package with calligraphy pens, ink, and different types of card and paper. Participating young people identified how experiences of poverty affects education as their main issue of interest. They discussed many topical issues such as how not having access to technology and internet has impacted young people’s education this year. The group expressed a huge gratitude for the access to education that they have, and a keen awareness that this is not always available elsewhere in the world, or that is sometimes unevenly accessed in Ireland.

Participants identified different individuals to write to about issues of poverty. These included teachers, politicians, and other community members. Young people wrote their letters using calligraphy pens and Kids’ Own Associate Artist Vanya guided the group through making their letter into a carefully folded object. We hope the recipients of these letters get a sense of the thought and care that has gone into their creation.

The next step for this project is create a call to action that might inspire other young people around the country to write letters on the issue that matters to them. We will have more updates on this soon!

Secret letter on the inside of the envelope
Drawing from letter written in UN Eradication of Poverty project with Kids Own
Letter that is envelope on one side and handwritten letter on the other.
UN Eradication of Poverty project with Kids own Publishing