Published 01.03.2020
by Kids’ Own

Strandtown Primary School – Virtually There exhibition

Artist: Andrew Livingstone
Teachers: Paula Courtenay and Vanessa Patton

The work on exhibition was created by P4 children from Strandtown Primary School in the final year of the Virtually There project and represents just a snapshot of the work undertaken over the length of the project over many years.

The artwork emerged from the theme ‘material/materiality a creative/cultural/historical/environmental exploration’ and was explored through various materials including, clay, plastic, paper, textile, metal, wood and glass.

Through the project theme we investigated how things are made and their significance in terms of a cultural, historical and environmental position and understanding.

Alongside the ‘making in the classroom’ the children evidenced manufacture both ‘handmade’ and ‘manmade’, had discussions about objects brought from home and also considered some of the environmental issues associated with materials.

Strandstown Primary School - Virtually There exhibition - Kids own Publishing - display with sculptures