Project Type:
Artist in the community, Youth Engagement

Artists :
Kiera O'Toole , Mary Branley

October-December 2019

Participant Group :
LGBTI+ young people in County Sligo, members of the SMILY LGBTI+ youth group in Sligo

SMILY LGBTI+ youth group Sligo, Youth Work Ireland North Connaught

LGBTI+ National Youth Strategy, Department of Children and Youth Affairs

LGBTI+ Project

This project focused on creative engagement and exploration and gave LGBTI+ young people the opportunity to explore issues of importances to their lives through artwork and writing. The young people worked alongside artist Kiera O’Toole and writer Mary Branley to explore diverse issues through the use of different art media and materials and text.

This project was an initial phase of a proposed, longer-term project which would ensure that LGBTI+ youth voices have a platform in the development of  LGBTI+ youth services.


“We’re all different in form, but equal in value”

Participant, LGBTI+ Youth project

“…that’s what it’s like for LGBT young people, always in the storm. Even in the eye of the storm there’s no calm.” 

                                           Participant, LGBTI+ Youth project