Project Type:
Arts in Education/ Book Project


Participant Group:
Children from 10 primary schools in Northern Ireland and Ireland

Mary Branley (writer), Ann Donnelly (artist)

Kilkenny Education Centre, Education Authority of Northern Ireland

Reconciliation Fund (Department of Foreign Affairs)

100 Year History

The 100 Year History Project was a two-year collaboration (2014-2016) involving over 300 children from ten schools across Ireland and Northern Ireland. The project offered an opportunity for children to have active participation in the Decade of Commemorations (1912-1922) and to meaningfully contribute to the commemorative experience through their own self-directed research.


Within the school context, the children led a research process that was focused around open discussion and creative activity with a professional artist and writer. One of the aims of the project was to uncover stories from within the communities where the schools are situated. Leading questions for the process were: How do we link the local and the global in a meaningful way? In researching stories with local relevance, how do we meaningfully include the large number of children whose ancestors might have been in far flung parts of the world in the early 20th Century?

Across an Open Field: Stories and artwork by children from Ireland and Northern Ireland about the Decade of Commemorations 1912-1922 was published as one of the project’s outcomes.