Travellers of the World – Collection of stories about travelling

Travellers of the World – Collection of stories about travelling

Recommended age: 7-12

Children tell of their real and imagined journeys, accompanied by their own photomontage.


This book brings together a collection of artwork and stories exploring the idea of journeys that were created by children in Drogheda and Dundalk in County Louth. This book reflects the diversity of movement present in the lives of children today.

In a series of workshops, the children recreated their journeys large and small, within and beyond Ireland with the guidance of writer Mary Branley.


Travellers of the World book page - Collage of journey to Canada
Traveller of the World book - collage of skyscrapers
Travellers of the World book - Kids Own Publishing - collage of journey to Lithuania

This is an accessible, evocative and provocative celebration of the juxtaposition of experience and creative possibility, drawing on centuries–old and newly experienced cultural diversity in Ireland.

– Cross Currents magazine

We all love travelling to new places in cars, trains, buses and planes. Some of us have been on ships. Maybe someday we can travel in balloons, in submarines underwater and see the starts in a rocket.

– Participant

Additional info

‘Travellers of the World’ is published by Kids’ Own Publishing Partnership with support from The Arts Council/Chomhairle Ealaíon, Development Cooperation Ireland, Arts Council of Northern Ireland, The Ireland Focus and Louth County Council.

A Kids’ Own Publication
1st Edition (2003)

Paperback: 48 pages, full colour
ISBN-10: 1-902432-21-5
ISBN-13: 9781902432212

100% of proceeds support children’s participation in the arts

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