Shout it out – A collection of work and reflections from young people

Shout it out – A collection of work and reflections from young people
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Recommended age: 12+

A collection of work and reflections from young people in Sligo and Enniskillen working together on a creative exchange programme.

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This book showcases the evolving creativity and collaboration of the young people who took part in this Kids Own project. An objective of this programme was to bring them our of their comfort zone and to create an awareness of diversity and similarities of place and value systems through arts and technology.

Page fro Kids own book with two children with plaster paris masks
Collage of some of the artwork made during Kids Own project
Page fro Kids own book with a boy telling about his experience in PE

‘This programme took a lot of courage, you had to put 100% in all the time to get it right. It took team work, it is really something that you need help with.’

– Participant

Additional info

‘Shout it out’ is published by Kids’ Own Publishing Partnership in partnership with the Mercy College Sligo and the Devenish College in Enniskillen. It was funded by the Western Education and Library Board and Sligo County Council.

A Kids’ Own Publication
1st Edition (2008)

Paperback: 44 pages
Product Dimensions: 15 x 21 x 0.4 cm
ISBN-10: 1902432304
ISBN-13: 978-1902432304

100% of proceeds support children’s participation in the arts.

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