I Hope You Grow – Poetry, stories and artwork by children living in temporary accommodation

I Hope You Grow – Poetry, stories and artwork by children living in temporary accommodation

Recommended age: 8-12

A unique book about children’s lives and their experiences of homelessness in greater Dublin.

This book – which aims to reach an audience of children all over Ireland – contains a blend of poetry, stories, artwork and photography generated during a series of workshops in Dublin, delivered by Kids’ Own Publishing Partnership in partnership with Focus Ireland.


In summer 2018, writer Mary Branley and visual artist Maree Hensey worked with the group of children, all of whom experiencing homelessness, supporting them to develop the work that would subsequently be brought together into this special publication.

Ireland in the midst of a housing crisis with 3,829 children homeless across our country. Proceeds from the sale of the book will directly support homeless children and families.

Rose Petals, 2018 | I Hope You Grow | Kids' Own Publishing Partnership

“This book aims to reach out to children living in temporary accommodation, representing voices of children just like them through different means of expressions, highlighting not only their struggles but also the positivity that they seek out in their worlds.”

– Róisín McDonnell, Services manager, Focus Ireland


“Many children face difficulties in life, so we wrote this book, to make them feel they are not alone. We are a group of children that are all facing difficulty; some of us have experienced moving a lot. We hope that you will learn about the difficulty of moving, but also about the joy we see.” 

– The authors of ‘I hope you grow’


Additional info

‘I hope you grow’ is published by Kids’ Own Publishing Partnership in association with Focus Ireland.

A Kids’ Own Publication
1st Edition (2018)

Paperback: 40 pages, full colour
ISBN: 978-1902432991

100% of proceeds support children’s participation in the arts

Colm O’Gorman, Executive Director of Amnesty International Ireland reads from “I hope you grow”

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