A Strong Heart – Stories and dreams for the future by Syrian and Palestinan living in County Mayo

A Strong Heart – Stories and dreams for the future by Syrian and Palestinan living in County Mayo

Recommended age: 6-10

A book of stories and dreams for the future by Syrian and Palestinian children living in County Mayo.


Kids’ Own works in defence of children’s right to culture and offers a space for children’s real experiences and voices to be shared through publishing and the arts. This project seeks to highlight the experiences of migrant children living in Ireland and celebrate all children in Ireland as equal and active citizens.

On five Saturdays in April and May of 2018, a group of children gathered in the Linenhall in Castlebar. They arrived from Westport, Claremorris Ballina to meet the children from Castlebar to explore their experiences in image and words with the help of writer Mary Branley.



‘We are children who have fun together. We were born in Syria or Palestine beofre we came to Ireland. We all speak many languages, including Arabic. We made this book to be famous. We hope you will enjoy learning about our lives.’

– Participants


‘They captured their exuberance of living in County Mayo, of going to school, of making new friends, of continuing their cultural values, their language, their religious beliefs, and food preferences. They wrote of their journeys to Ireland from the war in Syria and Palestine and shared their hopes for the future.’

– Mary Branley, writer

Additional Info

‘A strong heart’ is published by Kids’ Own Publishing Partnership with funding by St Stephen’s Green Trust, South West Mayo Development Company, with additional support from the Linenhall Arts Centre, Castlebar.

A Kids’ Own Publication
1st Edition (2018)

Paperback: 36 pages, full colour
ISBN: 978-1902432984

100% of proceeds support children’s participation in the arts.

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