Published 25.09.2023
by Kids’ Own

Our That’s Me Book Has Arrived!

We’re very excited to announce that our new title That’s Me has arrived!  As you may know, we have been working with the children from St Cecilia’s School in Sligo to create a book that champions the creative expression of children and young people with learning disabilities. The printed copy of That’s Me arrived into Kids’ Own HQ last week and we’re delighted with it!

Our associate artist Anna Spearman said of the project “From week to week, we saw how an individual’s gestures and interests repeated themselves across different processes and materials, a particular way of mark making, a fascination with a colour or texture, the pace of working unique to each. Individual personalities and creative voices shone through the work.”



Teacher Triona O’Dowd Hill wrote the introduction and had some very insightful thoughts of the project; “They had the freedom to watch, observe, figure out what the expectation was and then join in when they were ready. Is this not the ultimate goal of giving our students a voice?  How can we expect our students to make an informed choice when there is no choice. The process of creating this book gave our students that choice.”

We’re looking forward to sharing this book with you soon, so keep your eyes open for an update.  You can see more of the book making process here:

That’s Me was made with funding from our Movement for Good award from Benefact Group for which would like to extend our thanks.