Published 09.05.2023
by Kids’ Own

Arts for Everyone: St Cecelia’s Book is on the Way!

With funds from our Movement for Good award from Ecclesiastical Insurance Group, we have been very busy working away on a new book with St Cecelia’s School in Sligo. The grant enabled us to undertake this new project to ensure that children and young people with learning disabilities have a positive means of creative expression.

The book is nearing completion and we are can’t wait to share it with you! We worked in collaboration with the children, artist Anna Spearman and St Cecelia’s teacher Triona O’Dowd.

Of the process Anna said “We began by looking at our surroundings, taking rubbings of textures in the school yard, collecting sticks and stones to paint, climbing up the old fairy fort opposite the classroom (it was great to see some students already pushing themselves out of their comfort zones). Back in the classroom in the following weeks we explored a range of process and materials.”


The book also features an introduction from Triona where she writes about she’s alway had a special interest in how Creative Arts can give students a voice and the processes in the workshops.

“The students were given the opportunity to create without the pressure of the end product. They created sculptures, used tape, wallpaper paste, glue, recycled the previous weeks work to form collages. We used watercolours. Get out those watercolours, they are magic. Anna arrived with new materials each week for the students to try, she was like Santa arriving at the door, I’m not sure who was more excited each week- me or the kids!!” – Triona O’Dowd

Keep your eyes open for more updates and the book’s release date!

You can read more about the Movement for Good awarded to us