Published 14.05.2024
by Kids’ Own

Latest Session of our “Four Seasons in Our Garden” Project

Last Wednesday evening, the Cranmore Community Gardens welcomed nature enthusiasts of all ages for another spring-summer session of our “Four Seasons in Our Garden” project. This inclusive gathering brought together members of our vibrant community to explore and appreciate the wonders of nature.

The evening began with a cosy chat around the table, led by our associate artist Brenda Kearney and with guest Martina Killian of Nature Inspires. Over homemade rosemary biscuits and refreshing lemon tea, Brenda taught the group how to make 8 page fold out books to fill with their drawings.

Venturing into the garden, Martina shared her passion for nature, revealing fascinating insights about the garden’s inhabitants. She showed us her sonar bat detector and night vision camera she uses to reveal after dark creatures in her garden at home.

As they strolled among the plants, Martina encouraged the group to observe and appreciate nature’s beauty. Armed with sketchbooks and pencils, participants immersed themselves in capturing the essence of the garden, from its colourful blooms to its tiny inhabitants.


child looking at snail through magnifying glass
sketch of flowers
young persons hand sketching in book


The workshop concluded with a sense of fulfilment and appreciation for the natural world. As we look forward to future adventures, let’s continue to nurture our connection with nature and value the bonds we share within our community!

You will find more about our Four Season in Our Garden; A Yearbook here: