Published 03.10.2023
by Kids’ Own

Kids’ Own Youth Advisory Group Strategises on Reaching More Children and Young People


Unlocking New Horizons: Our Youth Advisory Group’s Epic Journey to Connect with More Kids and Teens!

Our most recent workshop with  our Youth Advisory Group was a brainstorming session, centred on spreading the word about Kids’ Own to a broader audience of children and young people. It was all about letting them in on the exciting world of Kids Own, revealing our mission, and inviting them to be a part of the adventure. Mary Branley, our associate writer, hosted the workshop along with writer Sarah O’Keefe and Kids’ Own creative director Ciara Gallagher.

Mary said “I felt Saturday was a great success for the aims of our consulting with children and young people on how we can be more inclusive. I was reminded yet again of how important process is, how engagement over time is essential for trust and relationships to develop and bloom. How asking the same questions over and over gives everyone time to reflect, knowing how we go about things, knowing that we listen and value all contributions.” 


Writer Sarah O’Keefe said “The fun continued with the canvas sketchbooks resulting in a variety of themes displaying symbols, words, color, and characters. Everyone’s book was originally created to their individuality allowing the freedom to add as much or as little as they wished. For this session we were joined by Kids’ Own Creative Director, Ciara, who enjoyed chatting with participants offering some very helpful feedback for Kids’ Own. We were also joined by Marketing and Communications Officer, Lorna, who spent time with participants taking photos and video. Everyone felt very much at ease, and happy to have the opportunity to share ideas. The group all agreed that they enjoyed having the freedom to creatively do as they wished – and that they always felt listened to.”

Our young visionaries discussed innovative ways to reach out to their peers. From eye-catching posters in local sports centers to fostering stronger connections with their schools and teachers, their ideas were nothing short of brilliant.

But here’s the best part – we made sure to place their voices front and center throughout the process. Every opinion, every suggestion was valued and considered, because at Kids’ Own, we believe that the voices of children and young people are essential and important for our society.

Stay tuned as we share more on the incredible journey of our Youth Advisory Group as they embark on a mission to empower more children and young people in Ireland.

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This project is kindly funded by The Arts Council