Published 24.10.2023
by Kids’ Own

Kids’ Own Second Group Session with EPIC Youth Council : Art, Conversation and Engagement

We are pleased to provide an overview of the second creative workshop with young people, in collaboration with Empowering People in Care (EPIC) held recently in Dublin. Our associate writer Mary Branley and associate artist Sarah Fuller came together to host the workshop along with a small group of participants and an EPIC team members. These young people who engage with EPIC and have experience in the care system,  will create a book for teachers and schools on how they can support children in care in their classrooms.


The young participants displayed great enthusiasm and engagement as they delved spoke about their positive experiences of education and how teachers and schools can further support care-experienced young people. Alongside artist Sarah, the group made self-portraits and a giant map. Artist Sarah described the focus of the workshop as “playful meanderings with simple objects, an abstract map of connection and conversation.”


Towards the conclusion, they explored the ideal scenario for children in care in the classroom.

Writer Mary said “The young people were absolutely brilliant and it didn’t take long to start talking and getting into the issues around teachers and care. We had time at the end of the workshop for everyone one to share a few final thoughts, like in an ideal world what would be happening for children, and the young people wrote some lyrics and one liners in response.”

Stay tuned for further updates and catch up on our previous EPIC workshop here: