Published 22.08.2023
by Kids’ Own

Kids’ Own and EPIC New Book Project

We are delighted to announce another new Kids’ Own project where we will be working together with EPIC (Empowering Children in Care) and young people aged 14-18. These young people who engage with EPIC and have experience in the care system,  will create a book for teachers and schools on how they can support children in care in their classrooms.

At the end of July we held a workshop with the EPIC Youth Council (aged 18-26) to hear about their experiences in care. They advised Kids’ Own on how we should consult and work creatively with the younger group of people (aged 14-18), and in the coming months we are excited to visit this younger group and develop the book and it’s themes further.

Images by Sarah Fuller


We’re crafting the engaging booklet for teachers, designed to deepen their comprehension of the needs and aspirations of children and adolescents within the educational sphere. This initiative is a step towards a more inclusive and promising future for these remarkable young individuals. We are working with our associate artist Sarah Fuller and our associate writer Mary Branley to help the young people voice their experiences whilst taking part in the creative arts practice of making a book.

After our workshop with the EPIC Youth Council, Sarah Fuller said  “The creative workshop sessions aimed to explore visual ways to articulate the concerns and issues of the group. Using an abstract language of mark making as a starting point this extended into the creation of a large blackboard map that illustrated life journeys, significant moments, personal challenges, places of safety and connection.”

Writer Mary Branley added  “The young people made a big impression on us and relayed very powerful lives and experiences over the course of the weekend. They are passionate advocates for every classroom being care aware.”

Stay tuned for more updates on this fabulous book project to come, we’ll keep you posted!

With thanks to TUSLA for the generous funding of this project.