Published 20.05.2024
by Kids’ Own

Kids’ Own Launch SMILY Video Metamorphs

Last week saw the launch of our animation video Metamorphs!  Produced with young people from SMILY LGBT Youth Group, the event was a great celebration of the hard work and fun had by all making the video!

The participants were so proud of their contributions of artworks and animation to the video and spirits were high.  Our associate writer Sarah O’Keeffe reflected on the launch:

“The screening of the SMILY LGBT youth group animation project “Metamorphs” was a huge hit! Watching the animation on the big screen was really dynamic, there was so much detail. Participants shared that they really enjoyed the process and were surprised at how well the final product turned out. The voice-over and music added extra effects that were enjoyed by everyone. We watched the animation several times and noticed something new each time. During out time together we also had an opportunity to chat about a future project. Participants shared that they would love to try something involving music, writing, and performance. After the screening snacks and pizzas were shared along with fun chat and an eagerness to return in September to our next project together, could a music video be on the cards? Stay tuned to see what new work this exciting group of young creatives come up with!”


The Youth Group wanted to create an animated video that explores self-expression in an artistic and playful way and that allowed the group to observe and reference some of the things that are a feature of their lives. Assisted by our associate-writers Mary Branley and Sarah O’Keeffe, and animator Fergal Brennan the participants had great fun with this creative outlet and have made a very special video. Thank you to all involved!

Watch the video in full here:

We’d like to thank Youth Work Ireland North Conaught, our partners on this project, and the Department of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth for kindly funding this exciting project.