Published 09.04.2024
by Kids’ Own

Kids’ Own and Irish Penal Reform Trust Project is Underway!


Kids’ Own, Irish Penal Reform Trust and Bedford Row Family Project recently teamed up for an exciting outdoor art project with children and young people who have a family member in prison. This project offers children the opportunity to collaboratively create a book reflecting their lives and experiences.

With the sun shining bright, participants had a fantastic time getting creative in the beautiful weather.  Led by our experienced associate  artists Mary Branley and Maree Hensey, who have been with Kids’ Own for a combined total of nearly 40 years, the project sparked plenty of imagination among the group. They chatted about positive things while working on their art pieces, creating a lively and supportive atmosphere.

The support from the Bedford Row team, including workers Terry and Annette, as well as manager Alison, was crucial to the project’s success. Their help ensured that everyone felt encouraged and included throughout the day.

As they look back on a wonderful week, both the artists and participants are excited about the next session. With such a great start, there’s no doubt that more fun and creativity are in store for future projects. Stay tuned for updates from Kids’ Own as we continue to inspire young artists in collaboration with Bedford Row Family Project.


Childs hand holding up clipboard with drawing of a house on it. Background is a rive and some boats


This project is kindly funded by Toy Show Appeal and Community Funds Ireland

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