Published 07.05.2024
by Kids’ Own

Artist Sarah Lundy Joins Creative Climate Action Workshop

Kids’ own Associate Artist, Sarah Ellen Lundy, recently participated in a dynamic Artists Day organised by Creative Climate Action and Creative Ireland. The event aimed to cultivate a supportive community among artists engaged in environmental work.
Sarah, known for her work on our “Four Seasons in Cranmore Garden” project, found the workshop enriching. She appreciated the opportunity to connect with fellow artists from different projects under the Spark program (funded by Creative Climate Action and Creative Ireland), all working towards a shared environmental goal.
During the workshop, and in order to showcase some of the work she had been doing with the intergenerational group at Cranmore Community Co-Op, Sarah shared a piece from her practice—a taxidermied Bullfinch, a  childhood gift from her father.  This artifact symbolizes Sarah’s deep-rooted connection to nature and her commitment to fostering environmental empathy through creativity. Sarah noted  “I endeavour to engender environmental empathy through creative engagement and focus on natural cycles of growth and decay, and how preservation can punctuate the process & afford crucial objective observation of the too often elusive ‘Other’.”

stuffed bullfinch taxidermy
Notice board pinned with all projects overview.

Sarah’s participation highlights the importance of collaboration and creative engagement in addressing environmental challenges. Her work aligns with Kids’ Own mission to empower young people and their communities to cultivate a deeper connection to and curiosity about the natural world and environment through the arts.

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