The Butler Gallery

Kids’ Own are working with The Butler Gallery and children of the Butler Gallery Solas programme, to create a new publication that makes us think and understand art more. Part of the process of making the book has led us to consider our own thoughts about art. To help us do that we are talking with a number of the exhibiting artists and two of the artists in the Butler Gallery Collection.
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Space & Place: Back in virtual classroom

Ann Henderson, the children and the teacher are keeping their own Journals to reflect on their experiences working together. They are working together on a square metre project.
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Space and Place

Over the past year Artist Ann Henderson was involved in a virtual artist in residence. Using the software Marratech and in partnership with C2K. See examples from the journal: Ann writes about the drawings Students use Google Earth to see landscapes from afar View a slideshow
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Seeking Partners

Kids’ Own is seeking partners for new programmes in 2008. Please contact us for more information.
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