Published 06.10.2016
by Kids’ Own

Virtually There: Introducing a new artist-teacher partnership

We continue our introduction of the new artists and teachers joining the new phase of the Virtually There project, this week we introduce you to teacher Leanne Kyle from st Aughnacloy Primary school and dancer Lisa Cahill.

Teacher Leanne Kyle at Aughnacloy Primary School

I always enjoyed art as a child. My favourite programme on T.V  was art attack and I spent my summers making large scale art attacks in the fields with hay and other natural resources I could gather up with my friends. I also loved to sketch, my proudest moment was presenting Mickey Mouse with a sketch of him at Disneyland in Florida when I was in P6.

I enjoy visiting exhibitions and galleries and have a keen interest in photography. I share my landscape photographs on my Instagram photography page which I can now spend more time on, after recently completing my Masters.  I love to travel and take photographs of the places I visit, Norway was a photographers dream in the summer.

I have been teaching P2/3 since 2005 in Aughnacloy Primary school. It is such a privilege to participate in the “Virtually There” programme.  I am really excited to be working with Lisa this year and all of the interesting things we will be doing in collaboration. I’m excited to be on this new journey of working with such a talented artist, such as Lisa and inspiring my class with her work!

Leanne Kyle, Teacher
















Dance Maker and Artist Lisa Cahill

In my artistic research, I enjoy investigating compositional structures and frames in the context of educational settings.
Frames and structures to support the making of time and space for adults and children to engage in sensory experiences together.

To celebrate and engage in the more intimate, quiet experiences of the school environment, inviting us to slow down in some way and to celebrate the joy, energy and movement of the school site.

I am brimming through my fingers and toes ,as I await the connection with Leanne and her class.

I travelled to Tyrone to meet the children before we began. My heart expanded as I was welcomed in.

Stepping in, smiling.

‘I don’t paint’ one child announced.
I explained that I don’t paint much also.

We have time and we will journey together.

Together, revealing the palette, tools and canvas.

Lisa Cahill, dance maker and artist