Published 21.06.2011
by Kids’ Own

Virtually There… “Another perfect art project”

We cannot believe that already, the latest phase of our Virtually There project, in Northern Ireland, is drawing to a close!

With 4 artists now working in Northern Ireland schools, through video-conferencing technology, this project has gone from strength to strength, and the work created by the children and artists collaboratively is ever more inspiring…

Marcella Wilson, teaching Principal at Donaghey Primary School in Dungannon (where artist Ann Donnelly has been working), had this to say at the end of the project:

“Today we had the most amazing day. It was the end to another perfect art project. The children were busy and active and probably didn’t even think or know they were learning!! I am learning continually too and I have picked up so many ideas and skills, which I know I will be able to use in the future. Ann has been so fantastic to work with, she is inspiring to both the children and myself. She has the most amazing rapport with the children and the most fantastic, interesting ideas…”

Go to our Project Journal, to read more about what has been happening in each school and to see the gorgeous art work that has been created…

We are delighted to be conducting research, which will explore the value and impact of this work on children’s development within the learning environment. The findings from this research will be available later in the year.