Published 22.07.2015
by Kids’ Own

Vanya Lambrecht Ward on Kids’ Own School at The Dock

The Kids’ Own School at The Dock: The Discovery of Building and Architecture took place this July. Artist Vanya Lambrecht Ward collaborated with two groups of children aged 4-7 and 8-12 over the week. Here Vanya fills us in on the different techniques and materials the children explored: 

Every day a new material produced a new set of challenges and delights. A very important bit of every day was our games which let us test the limits of the materials a bit before we explored what we could make.

Kids' Own School at The Dock 2 - day 1IMG_3543

DAY 1.2







On the first day, the children explored shapes and structures and made a collective fort so big it filled the room.


IMG_3624IMG_3568 IMG_3803






On the second day, the focus was on paper. We folded and crushed and crunched until we had a large selection of wonderful hollow rocks which became a collective  structure. This was, it must be said, influenced by watching a few excerpts from the Andy Goldsworthy Documentary “rivers and tides” and by our extensive rock building research outside.









Day three was all about sticks; tepees and mats woven from sticks were the result of our experimentation and Theo Jansens “Strandbeesten” made an appearance.

group 2.6


day 2.1

day 2.4






Day four was all about card – a way for everyone to try and make their own more set and specific designs.

group 2.8

day 2.2group 2.7

day 2.5






And our last day started with string and ended in a display of tasters of all the things we explored during the week.

day 5.1

day 5.3day 5.2

day 5.4






A busy and physical week which let us explore every corner of the room and everything to do with structure: balance, gravity, strengths and weakness, construction and destruction. Such great minds and hands at work! A great week!