Published 17.10.2022
by Kids’ Own

UN Day for Eradication of Poverty 2022

Today is the UN Day for Eradication of Poverty, and we are delighted to partner with Cranmore Co-Operative Society with a creative project exploring some issues linked with poverty. This year’s theme is “Respecting the Dignity of all Humanity: End Persistent Poverty”. 

During the first workshop, we had a fantastic time with some young people creatively exploring the themes of poverty, dignity, and respect for others. We used crab apples as stamps and blackberry juice for pigmentation. We had discussions about these being natural objects that have great value but little to no cost. We looked at the snapdragon flower and talked about saving the seeds to grow things after the winter ends. 

Keep an eye out for an upcoming video that looks at these workshops and the themes further. Thanks to Cranmore Community Co-Op for partnering with us on these workshops. 

This project was generously funded by the Department of Social Protection.  

UN Eradication of Poverty Day
UN Eradication of Poverty Day