Published 22.08.2022
by Kids’ Own

The Green Futures Project

The Green Futures Project with Cranmore Co-Op

We were delighted to start a new project in partnership with our friends at Cranmore Co-Op recently! The ‘Green Futures‘ initiative provides an opportunity for a group of children and young people in County Sligo to work collaboratively with a professional artist while exploring important themes and ideas that connect to Climate Action in the Cranmore Co-op Community Garden. Kids’ Own is strongly committed to Climate Action as an area of priority within our work. We recognise the crucial role that children can have in shaping their own futures and as equal and active citizens in our society.

Working with Sligo-based artist, Sarah Ellen Lundy, the young participants on the project explored a range of topics and ideas through both practical explorations of their environment, as well more conceptual ideas about the human and animal world, through drawing, observation, dialogue and research. The artist led the sessions in collaboration with community workers in Cranmore, and has rooted the project very much in her own artistic practice. Sarah has a strong interest in the natural world, and environmental themes run through her work.

The Green futures project environement
green futures project
green futures



Aim of the Green Futures Project

Through this project, we wanted to support children and young people to be collaborate with a professional artist and gain new environmental awareness.



Green Futures Workshop

The ‘Green Futures‘ project consisted of two workshops, which took place in the Cranmore Co-Op Community garden.  The first week-long set of workshops was with teenagers, and it took place 25th-29th July 2022.

The second week of the ‘Green Futures’ project takes place this week, and artist Sarah Lundy is working with younger children in the Cranmore Co-Op Community garden.


Green Futures Project
Green futures project
Green futures project



The young participants worked with mixed materials such as paper, markers, modelling clay, dry clay and photo-sensitive paper. Sarah brought in various taxidermy animals for the young people to observe close up and draw inspiration from.