Published 12.10.2023
by Kids’ Own

“That’s Me” Book Launch at St. Cecilia’s School Celebrates Creative Expression of Children with Learning Disabilities

In an inspiring event on October 9th, That’s Me, our latest title, was launched at St. Cecilia’s School in Sligo. The afternoon gathering was filled with warmth and enthusiasm, drawing in children who contributed to the book and their families, staff at St Cecilia’s, Kids’ Own, and the generous project funders, Benefact Group.

“That’s Me” is not just a book; it’s a testament to the power of creative expression among children and young people with learning disabilities. This publication seeks to ensure that their voices resound loudly and are genuinely listened to, fostering a more inclusive and empathetic society.

Adding to the heartwarming celebration, each child had their moment in the spotlight as they read an excerpt from their own contributions within “That’s Me.” Each of them brimming with pride and enthusiasm!

To make this day even more memorable, Teacher Triona O’Dowd Hill presented each student a personal copy of the book, a tangible symbol of their creative achievements. The smiles and joy radiating from the young authors were contagious, reflecting their immense pride in being part of this remarkable project. Families beamed with pride too, their support and love evident in the applause that filled the room. This event truly exemplified the power of creativity and collaboration in making a difference in the lives of these talented young people.

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