Published 18.05.2022
by Kids’ Own

Teacher – Artist Partnership (TAP) Special Initiative videos

We are delighted to launch a video series developed as part of a special initiative created in partnership with the Teacher-Artist Partnership (TAP) Programme. These videos form part of a wider initiative aiming to support teacher-artist pairs in documenting and engaging collaboratively online.

This video resource explores 4 different questions: Why is the Teacher-Artist relationship important, why is it important to document your projects, what is the value of the arts in the classroom and lastly, what does a child-led process look like? The four videos feature the Teacher – Artist pairs who participated in the TAP Special Initiative Project which took place over 2021.

These videos form part of a wider programme facilitated by us over the course of 2021. Participants took part in a 5-session online documentation training programme. These in-depth workshops covered topics such as what is creative documentation, digital tools for creative collaboration and documentation, documenting as part of your process, presenting your creative self and work and lastly, editing and curating your work.

The Teacher-Artist pairs also took part in 6 mentoring sessions, choosing a mentor that best suited their project from a curated panel. During these mentoring sessions, the pairs got the chance to delve deep into their practice together, offering a space for reflection. The final element of the Special Initiative will consist of a digital publication sharing the learnings of this documentation training programme which we will be publishing shortly!

Watch the videos here:

  1. What does a child-led process look like:
  2. What is the value of the arts in the classroom:
  3. Why it is important to document your projects:
  4. Why is the Teacher – Artist relationship important: