Published 28.08.2023
by Kids’ Own

Starting School Returns for a New Generation of Little Learners on Their First Day


We all know how big a milestone the first days of school are for young children and parents. So we were delighted to recently reprint our fabulous title Starting School  to keep this wonderful book in circulation.

Originally unveiled in 2012, the  Starting School  reprint reaffirms its exceptional role as a child-focused guide to navigating the thrilling journey into primary education. The first of its kind,  this book shares the thoughts of children after their first year in primary school.

Within its pages, young children share their  observations, emotions, and experiences during those pivotal first days in school.

“I was scared of all the friends that I didn’t know” ….”My first day in the yard I was playing with my friend” … “I liked school, it was fun. You get to play new games for the first time”  These are just a few of quotes from the book from the children who contributed. There are lots of tips and insights from them too, really bringing their perspective to light.

“This book is a wonderful tool for parents, preschool practitioners and teachers to use to facilitate discussion of this very important journey for young children, as viewed through the eyes of the child.”Dr Mary O Kane, Associate Lecturer in Psychology and Early Childhood Education.


With a renewed sense of purpose, Starting School aims to extend its reach, becoming an invaluable resource not only for parents but also for preschool and primary school educators. Its goal? To provide crucial support to the young minds venturing into this transformative chapter of their lives.”

You can order your own copy of Starting School as a resource for your school or your own child here: