Published 13.11.2023
by Kids’ Own

SMILY Sligo and Kids’ Own Collaborate on Empowering LGBTQ+ Video Project


We are proud to announce a new video project together with SMILY LGBTI Sligo kindly funded by Youth Work Ireland North Connaught.  This project is set to amplify the voices of young individuals while shedding light on LGBTQI+ issues close to their hearts.

This is an animation video project that brings together the creative energies of young people attending SMILY Sligo and a team of dedicated professionals. The aim is to highlight the importance of individuality, togetherness, and LGBTQI+ matters that resonate with these remarkable young minds.

The project’s core team members are talented animator Fergal Brennan, our associate writer Mary Branley who is an accomplished writer known for her powerful storytelling and Sarah O’Keeffe,  an associate writer contributing her expertise to this impactful project.

The journey began during the week of the mid-term, marked by hard work, creativity, and a sprinkle of fun, all fuelled by the universal love for pizza. Young participants have been collaborating tirelessly with our team of experts, making this project a beacon of creativity and self-expression.

Sarah added her thoughts on the project so far ““We had the wonderful opportunity to work with the SMILY group for (one of my favorite things) animation! Having never drawn animation before, this was a fantastic experience. We were given quick prompts to inspire our initial storyboard, from there we added frame upon frame to create a morphing effect of images and words. Everyone took to the drawing immediately, there was so much creativity in each storyboard. There was a great sense of collaboration within the group, participants helped each other. It was so much fun; I can’t wait to see the final product!”




What’s next? An exciting session is scheduled for later in November to put the finishing touches on the video. The team is diligently working to gather images and additional content to ensure that the project fully captures the spirit of diversity and individuality that the LGBTQI+ community represents.

This video project promises to be a testament to the collective strength of SMILY Sligo and its young participants. Stay tuned for the video’s release, and join us in celebrating the diverse voices and remarkable stories that are an integral part of our community. Your support and enthusiasm for this project are invaluable as we look forward to sharing our work with the world.