Published 29.05.2020
by Kids’ Own

Reinventors: Busy in the lab!

Our Reinventors have been busy experimenting over the last fortnight: making things move and creating new toys from old things. We meet on Wednesdays online and participants work on their inventions over the week. So far, we have completed 2 sessions: the first was led by artist Vanya Lambrecht Ward and focused on ‘Making Cardboard Things Move’. It was a fascinating session where we made hinges from cardboard bits creating movable sculptures!

Kids Own Reinventors working at home

The second session was led by artist Martha van der Meulen who suggested methods of how to make some interesting things from old stuff. The participants created lots of interesting sculptures!

‘Reinventions’ is a new Kids’ Own project supported by the Community Foundation of Ireland, which seeks to cultivate an ethos of sustainability and creative reuse. Soon we will be asking children all over Ireland to make their own new things out of old stuff and to send on their photos for the Library of Ideas.

(Image credit: Cardboard scissor hands by Vanya Lambrecht Ward)

Kids Own Reinventors sculptures