Published 27.11.2023
by Kids’ Own

Our Four Seasons in Cranmore project considers the power of water and intention

The third session of our Four Seasons in Our Garden has taken place!

In the third gathering on 22nd November, an intergenerational group embarked on a creative journey of ice and ink experiments at Cranmore Co-op Community Garden.

The workshop began with artist Ruth Le Gear showing a video of her time in Arctic, setting the stage for discussions on the idea of ancient air being embedded in icebergs. The concept that water could be influenced and communicated with was introduced, prompting the group to experiment with waters from the Garavogue and a holy well. Each participant, holding a petri dish, infused intentions into the water—ranging from shouts to whispers in different languages, expressing love, healing, and gratitude.

Whilst waiting for the water to freeze , scientist Aga Piwowarczyk led the group into the garden, where they explored various soil samples through smell.


Towards the end of the session the group set up a wormery in the garden. They tore up bits of cardboard and gently placed sunflowers in the wormery for the worms. The carefully balanced discussions on what can and can’t go into the wormery reflected the group’s commitment to a harmonious environment.

The workshop concluded with participants taking some petri dishes home, eager to continue experimenting with their influence on water. Additionally, the group shared their reflections on the garden soil in a shared project work book, adding depth to their connection with the earth.

Throughout this project the artist Ruth is gathering snippets of audio recording to further reflect and explore all the themes addressed in this project. Look out for them in the future!

This project is kindly funded by Creative Ireland Climate Action Fund. 

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