Published 29.06.2023
by Kids’ Own

Love is Love Book Review by Robyn

A very big thank you to Robyn for their insightful and meaningful review of our book Love is Love. Robyn is a member of SMILY, Sligo and Leitrim LGBT+ Youth Group.  Please enjoy the review and then watch the video of Robyn as they read it to you in person.

Love is Love review by Robyn

“Love is Love’s final statement is one that perfectly summarises the message the book conveys: ‘It’s okay to be gay’.  This collaboration between LGBTQ+ youths of the Sligo/Leitrim area is a fascinating introspective into the experiences of queer folk in modern day Ireland, complete with artistic pieces from the authors and unique views.

To a reader unfamiliar with queer culture, the topics discussed in a book like this may be abstract, or even harrowing as they touch upon the hardships that LGBTQ+ individuals face to this day, even with landmark strides in the right direction such as the 2015 Marriage Act legalising same sex marriage. Unfortunately, on an individual level, our people are still suffering: ‘LGBT youth have the highest category of poor mental health and suicide… In some countries, doctors have the right to refuse medical help to LGBT people.’ As unfortunate as these facts are, Love is Love is able to confront them in a matter-of-fact way that shows that even the state we’re in right now isn’t enough.

The book also features perspectives on things that seem confusing from an outsider’s perspective, such as the fluidity of the gender spectrum, but in a way that is both relatable to other queer folk and understandable to those outside of queer circles.  One anonymous writer provides a particularly down-to-earth and relatable view on gender fluidity:  ‘I personally don’t understand gender.  You know the way when you think about how big the universe is, your head hurts from that? That’s what I think about gender.’  Another writer, going by EJ, gives a rare perspective as a person of faith in the queer community: ‘The thing is, you can be religious and also be LGBTQ…I go to Mass, and I quite enjoy that. I enjoy my faith, it gives me comfort, but it does make me feel very sad that a lot of people within that same faith would just hate me for existing.’

The book closes out with some advice for those outside of the queer space on how to properly support those close to them who align themselves with the LGBTQ+ community: ‘There should be a helpline for people who are questioning.  There’s not enough support, there needs to be more’ (S)  ‘Have conversations, even if you don’t understand it, be willing to listen to what other people have to say or what other people have experienced’ (Violet)  ‘Education is the solution to a lot of problems’. (EJ)

As a transgender young woman, having proof that there are people out there like me who share my sentiments and that I’m not alone is a great source of comfort.  I hope anyone who decides to pick up this book, whether queer or straight, finds the same sense of safety and love that I was able to.”



You can order your own copy of Love is Love here.