Published 28.04.2022
by Kids’ Own

Liz Coman joins the Board of Kids’ Own

Our most recent appointment to the Kids’ Own Board is Liz Coman, who joined at the end of 2021. We are delighted to have Liz join our Board and contribute her skills and expertise to our organisation.

Liz Coman is an Assistant Arts Officer with Dublin City Council and a Visual Arts Education Curator. Liz has a Masters in History of Art and in Museum Studies, with a focus on public programming. She has led trainings in enquiry led approaches to mediating artwork for visual art facilitators in The Ark, A Cultural Centre for Children, The National Gallery of Ireland, and The Turner Prize, Derry and offers ongoing mentorship for individual artists and educators. She is a certified Visual Thinking Strategies facilitator with VTS/USA and has completed training to coaching level. She is responsible for leading two Strategic Partnership Erasmus+ projects for Dublin City Council – Permission to Wonder – testing the VTS training pathway with educators in classrooms and gallery settings in six partner countries – and – Looking to Understand Inclusion – testing how image selection can support social inclusion practices in classrooms, galleries and local communities. Liz is writer of the first Arts, Education and Learning Policy for Dublin City Council and through her work at the arts office, she designs and evaluates supports for artists – including awards, bursaries and studio spaces. A key aspect of her role is to grow resources through strategic partnerships and budget management by being alert to funding opportunities based on an extensive knowledge of local, national and international funding infrastructure.