Published 05.09.2023
by Kids’ Own

Kids’ Own Young Writers Group Comes To An End For Now!

It has been five wonderful years since the inception of our Young Writers Group! It’s hard to believe how our Young Writers have developed in that time. All of us at Kids’ Own have learned so much too and enjoyed this journey with them.

This fantastic group of young people have written three publications, recorded podcast episodes, held countless zooms and creative writing sessions, all under the guidance of our associate writer Mary Branley.

On September 1st 2023 we held our last workshop. In attendance from Kids’ Own were Mary, Sarah O’Keefe, Lorna Kavanagh and Lorna Golden and, of course, the young writers.  One final writing practice was held and afterwards each young writer read an excerpt of their work.  We enjoyed cupcakes and sweets, laughed lots and said our farewells.

When we asked Mary for a few words about the group she said “It’s so hard to give you a few sentences about this project, as I’ve been immersed with them for five years, and refuse to think it won’t continue in some way in the future.  And of course, writers are notoriously long winded and can’t say one word when you could say ten” But she added “We have shared a glorious creative time together, and learned so much from one another’s writing, reading and  listening.”



Young writer with a copy of Buoyant

Sarah O’Keeffe said of her time with the group “It was an honour to spend time with the Kids’ Own Young Writers Group. Each writer is so inspirational; their level of creativity and talent is truly something to be admired. Yet more importantly, there is a wonderful bond of group connection and energy. A sense of security, honesty, a place where everyone can be themselves and an opportunity to make new friends. One can predict that this group will remain close for the years to come, offering creative support to their many, many, many future publications, and successes!” 

Ciara, Kids’ Own Creative Director, said: “Our Young Writers group has been a core part of our programme over the last 5 years. It has been a wonderful opportunity for young people in Donegal and Derry/Londonderry to connect with each other, to develop friendships, and to really listen to each other, through their creative writing practice. It’s been a joy to be part of this journey with them and they’ve made such a difference to Kids’ Own’s work and how we collaborate with young people.”

We extend our thanks to the Department of Foreign Affairs Reconciliation Fund for the support and funding of this project.

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