Published 01.10.2021
by Kids’ Own

Kids’ Own Seeks Researcher for New Publishing Project with Traveller and Roma Children and Young People

Kids’ Own is seeking a researcher to measure the impact of a creative arts and publishing project with Traveller and Roma children and young people from a rights-based perspective.

Kids’ Own is working in partnership with Cork Traveller Visibility Group and the Irish Traveller Movement on a new publishing project with Traveller and Roma children and young people. Some of the primary aims of the project are to ensure that Traveller and Roma children’s voices are at the centre of the representation of their creative identities, and to provide a safe, joyful, fulfilling and creative space, where children’s voices can be heard. We believe providing such spaces for creative expression is essential to better hearing children’s voices and in upholding children’s rights in our society.

Two of the main outputs from this project will be: 1) the creation of two new child-authored, non-fiction books by Traveller and Roma children and young people, encompassing those from late primary to early post-primary school 2) the development of a creative classroom resource/s to accompany the books, developed in partnership with a working group of rights-holder groups, teachers, intercultural academics, and a youth advisory group.

Additionally, a significant part of this project is the research and evaluation which will take place throughout the duration of the project.

Kids’ Own is therefore seeking a suitably qualified researcher to measure the impact of the project on participants from a rights-based perspective that focuses on the arts and creativity as a means of articulating and realising these rights.

Our vision is for an approach that is primarily qualitative. The researcher will lead this research by communicating primarily with the project participants: children and young people aged between approximately 11 and 14 years old from Traveller and Roma communities from up to fourteen different primary and post-primary schools across Cork city. The researcher will work with participants at different intervals throughout the duration of the project in order to measure the impact of the project as it progresses. The researcher may also consult with the project artists and writers, project partners and stakeholders, including the working group responsible for the development of the accompanying creative classroom resource. Finally, the researcher will dedicate a specific portion of time to exploring the books and classroom resource with a focus group. The research findings will be detailed in a final project report. This report will be published as part of the project and will be widely disseminated across the arts, education, and children’s rights sectors.

The scope of the research will be discussed and agreed fully with Kids’ Own and project partners but some of the key points to consider are:

  • the impact on participants of being part of a child-led book project that focuses on their lives, voices, and creative expressions
  • the potential of the arts in ensuring children’s voices are heard, respected and acted upon
  • the effect of child-led publications on other children, particularly those who are not typically represented in books and educational materials
  • how this work sits within the wider context of current practice with children and young people (through a rights-based, arts-based and sociological lens).

We welcome applications from experienced researchers who have relevant expertise and a good knowledge of the children and youth, arts, and children’s rights sectors.

How to apply:

Applicants should send a detailed CV, along with a cover letter outlining their interest in this piece of work, with reference to relevant experience, their research/evaluation ethos, methodological approach, rationale for application, and any other relevant details.

Criteria for selection will be based on, but not limited to, the following:

  • Previous research/evaluation experience.
  • Experience or understanding of the youth arts context and vision/ethos for this particular project.
  • Knowledge and understanding of the contextual framework for this project, both theoretical and practical.
  • Proposed methodology.

Timeline: the research will take place between early November 2021 and June 2022. The final report should be submitted end of July 2022.

Fee: there is a set fee of €7000 for 28 days work on this project. There will be additional funds available for travel and other expenses up to a maximum of €1000.

Deadline: midnight, Friday 15th October

How to apply: please send a cover letter detailing your experience, approach, and interest in the role, along with a CV to: [email protected]

Funding for this role has been provided by RTÉ Toy Show Appeal and the Community Foundation for Ireland.