Published 25.07.2023
by Kids’ Own

Kids’ Own is a Recipient of the Creative Ireland Climate Action Fund!

Kids’ Own is delighted to announce that we are one of the lucky recipients of the Creative Ireland Climate Action fund!

We will be using the funds from the award on a new project called “Four Seasons in Our Garden: A Yearbook. Working with Cranmore Coop in their garden over four seasons from winter 2023 to Autumn 2024, we will be joined by an intergenerational group, comprised of children and older generations from Sligo town, who will work alongside visual artists and scientists.

The group will explore questions and solutions connected to the biodiversity crisis and consider the role of the arts in tackling the climate crisis. We will investigate new sustainable arts practices to ensure that the art created together is truly innovative, sustainable and has the power to be part of change.

Minister Eamon Ryan said of the announcement  “Climate change can be such a huge issue that people can too feel overawed, or that’s it’s something they can’t do anything really meaningful about. This change can be achieved through fully exploring avenues for innovative and creative ways to inspire people to take action”.

Each season in the garden will see a different subject expert or scientist, alongside one of our Associate Artists, work in the community garden with an intergenerational group. Follow along with us on this journey as we explore new solutions to the ongoing climate crisis by listening to the voices of young people and older generations.

We are busy meeting with all the artists and scientists involved and are looking forward to starting the project soon.