Published 14.11.2023
by Kids’ Own

Kids’ Own Facilitate Creative Workshops at ATU Sligo


Kids’ Own is delighted to be working with first year students on the on the B.Ed in Early Education and Care, on the the Inclusive Practice module, at ATU Sligo, and will facilitate a number of creative workshops throughout October and November.

Kids’ Own CEO and Creative Director Ciara Gallagher and Associate Writer Mary Branley  began the series by facilitating a creative workshop with first-year students.

During the initial session, Ciara and Mary delved into Kids’ Own’s distinctive approach to working with early years children, focusing on the books developed by and with young children. The interactive discussion explored the significance of creating books with very young children. Encouragingly, students provided positive feedback, noting that Kids’ Own books were  “more inclusive.”

The students noted that  it was “intriguing to see from a child’s perspective” and that they liked how the books are based on children’s experiences, expressing appreciation for how Kids’ Own books are grounded in real-life childhood experiences. Subsequently, each student made an 8-page fold book, drawing inspiration from memories of their childhood.


The titles of these unique creations ranged from “My Nanny’s House” and “A Day At the Bog” to “The Boy Who Wouldn’t Speak,” “My Stairs,” and “The Best Birthday Ever.” Describing the book-making process as both enjoyable and relaxing, the students shared their enthusiasm for the hands-on, creative activity.

Looking ahead, the collaborative effort continues in November, as esteemed artists Maree Hensey and Naomi Draper, known for their extensive work on early years projects with Kids’ Own, are set to facilitate additional creative sessions.

We’re looking forward to continuing to work with the Early Years educators who are at the beginning of their journey to working in this sector, and to sharing more on how we’ve brought our creative approach to working with young children to this group of students. Thanks to Dr Karin White for the invitation to collaborate!