Published 04.06.2015
by Kids’ Own

I Can Taste the Rain: New book by Irish children encourages us to think smarter about our travel choices

I Can Taste the Rain is a new book by children aged 3-11 from Dungarvan, Co. Waterford, exploring our travel choices and how we might get around more sustainably. An initiative of Go Dungarvan’s Smarter Travel campaign and Waterford Childcare Committee, I Can Taste the Rain looks at how children experience the outdoors and shows that there is an appetite by the youngest in society to choose more sustainable transport means in their communities, particularly walking and cycling.

Walking is way better because you can see everything. It’s like a journey. From the car it’s like a big smudge.’

Children from four schools and early childhood care and education centres in Dungarvan took part in creative workshops led by Kids’ Own. Through the children’s stories and artwork, the project sought to recognise and draw on the power of the child’s voice as an influencing factor on adult behaviours. The project was also rooted in respect for children as active citizens within their communities, being involved in positive initiatives through creative approaches.


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I Can Taste the Rko_smarter_travel_page4ain draws together a selection of the children’s work in order to share with others the positive experiences that can be enjoyed when people venture outdoors. It also sets out some ideas and activities for children and families to try in their own locality. I Can Taste the Rain hopes to inspire other young readers and their families to consider their own travel choices and, where possible, a move to more sustainable forms of transport.

I Can Taste the Rain will be launched on 9 June in City Hall, The Mall, Waterford. The publication will be available to buy from the Kids’ Own online bookshop:













I Can Taste the Rain is produced in partnership with Go Dungarvan, Waterford Childcare Committee and Kids’ Own Publishing Partnership.

Go Dungarvan: In February 2012, the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport announced that Dungarvan was to be awarded €7.2 million over five years to develop and support behavioural change and infrastructure to transform it into a Smarter Travel Town. Go Dungarvan, which is an initiative of Waterford City and County Council, has been given the responsibility of facilitating and delivering this change. Go Dungarvan encourages alternatives to single occupant car journeys and developing walking, cycling, park ‘n’ stride and carpooling as the natural choice.