Published 17.12.2019
by Kids’ Own

“Here in Ourselves”: A Kids’ Own Project, working in collaboration with children at Mid-West School for the Deaf.

In spring 2019, Kids’ Own Creative Director, Jo Holmwood, began a new project, working with senior class children at Mid-West School for the Deaf in Limerick, funded by Creative Engagement.


Entitled “Here in Ourselves”, the project seeks to support the individual creative expression of the young people at the school.


After first meeting the young people and their teachers in person, Jo has been connecting with the young people via digital software, including an integrated interactive whiteboard. This has been a great success as it allows for communication of ideas in written and visual form. In the spring, participants explored descriptive language, taking and sharing photos of favourite things, interesting textures and experimenting with Haiku poetry! The project continued in autumn, and we were delighted to receive additional funding from Creative Ireland Limerick.  The group continued to explore language and develop further conversations about themselves. You can see some of their work developed through the online blackboard in the images below!

Stay tuned for more updates on this project!