Published 09.04.2014
by Kids’ Own

Fields of Colour: April workshops for teenagers at The Model, Sligo

As part of the ‘Practice’ Exhibition Tour, artist Christine Mackey will be providing two full-day workshops for teenagers at The Model, Sligo. These workshops will take place on 22 and 23 April.

Combining art and science, the Fields of Colour workshop will explore the world of colour through scientific methods such as chromatography and transpiration,  investigating why color is important for plants’ survival. Chromatography is the process of extracting pure pigment from various plants, whereas transpiration is the process of adding colour to plants. Students will have the opportunity to understand the complex world of colours in plants through biology and the science behind colour perception through basic colour theory.

Venue: The Model, Sligo
Dates: 22 and 23 april
Time: 11.30-1.30, 2.15-4.15 daily

Places are limited so booking is essential. Contact The Model to book your place:
(0) 71 914 14 05
[email protected]