Published 05.03.2024
by Kids’ Own

Complimentary Copies of Grow Up Strong and The Real Us Books and Teacher Resources Available Now!

Are you searching for practical and engaging resources to facilitate discussions and promote cultural understanding in your classrooms? Look no further! Kids’ Own is pleased to offer schools and educators complimentary copies of Grow Up Strong and The Real Us, along with the accompanying teacher resource.

Tailored for upper primary and post-primary levels (Junior Cycle), these resources provide valuable perspectives and insights for your students’ educational journey.

Explore the lives of Roma children with The Real Us. This publication shares their voices, experiences, and ambitions, challenging stereotypes and fostering empathy.

Discover insights from Traveller children with Grow Up Strong. Through narratives and artwork, this publication celebrates their experiences, highlighting the significance of their voices.

Developed by teachers, artists, and educators, our teacher resource supports the use of these books in classrooms. With a focus on fostering creativity and meaningful discussions, it aims to cultivate cultural understanding by centring children and young people’s experiences.

Don’t miss this opportunity to bring diverse perspectives into your classroom. Get your free copies of Grow Up Strong, The Real Us,  and their teacher resource today!

To request your copies email [email protected]

Empower your students to learn and understand each other better. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of young people everywhere.

We extend our thanks to the RTE Toy Show Appeal and Community Foundation for Ireland for kindly funding this project.